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Based in Glenrothes, Agritronix is a major player involved in the manufacture and sale of equipment for the packaging of fresh produce including potatoes, carrots, onions, fruit and shellfish, etc.


Agritronix manufacture bespoke equipment for weighing and counting into a wide range of packaging including poly, up to 20kg, Hessian, up to 50kg, one tonne boxes and bags, net clipping and sealing, up to 20kg, and punnets down to 50 grams.


Elevators, conveyors and inspection tables in mild or stainless steel can be manufactured to customer's specifications.


In the current economic climate, packers of any products are only too aware of the urgent need to make savings in the raw product and in their packing efficiencies. Agritronix have an extensive and varied range of packing machines that will make huge savings in 'give away' or raw product, and also savings within the packaging efficiency on products from start-up packer to the mainstream packer within the supermarkets.

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